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The Chateâu de Beauté palette consists of 18 shades offering a variety of glamour options for bold and eye-catching looks! The matte finish for most of the colors makes the blending process simple and you can add a pop of fun with the glitter shades Dia and Shunita!


This set contains:

Sondra (light purple), Peachie (coral), Carol (deep brown), LaTonya (hot pink), Bertha (light pink), LaWanna (deep purple), Vendetta (black), Diandra (turquoise), Loretta (fuchsia), Janet (yellow), Jacoba (orange), Krystal-Joy (blue), Gabbi (lime green), Priscilla (green), Januwa (deep blue), Earlene (tan), Dia (glitter blue), Shunita (glitter pink).


Chateâu de Beauté Palette

Color: Black

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